Gutter Guards in Aiken SC

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    Are you tired of the neck-cramping task of cleaning your gutters every season? Clogged gutters are unsightly and can result in damage to your foundation. How? When gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves, water has nowhere to go and will spill over to the ground next to your house. The next thing you know, water has seeped into your basement, which isn’t cheap to repair.

    With the K-Guard gutter guard system, you can put all that behind you. We use seamless guttering with a “guard” that directs water into the gutter while leaves and other debris fall directly to the ground. Water runs freely through the downspout and discharges away from your house. At K-Guard, we use our patented high-strength hangers, and you can choose your preferred color. Our licensed installers have years of experience and in most cases, will get the job completed in a single day.

    Reach out to your local K-Guard dealer in Aiken for a free estimate. Use the contact form on this page or call us at 803-648-5428. We look forward to meeting you.