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Clogged Gutters or Poorly Installed Gutters Can Cause Expensive Damage

Clogged gutters or poorly installed gutters are much more than an aesthetic issue – they can do some serious damage to your house and your wallet! Even with a leaf filter or other guards, your home gutters and downspouts can still leak or become clogged. 

Here are some common problems associated with clogged or poorly installed gutters and downspouts:

Leaky Roof

If your gutters can’t carry rainwater away, the water just sits. And sits. Eventually it will make its way inside your home. If you see water dripping from your ceiling, it’s a real possibility that your gutters are to blame. Don’t put off gutter repair or gutter cleaning – they can’t wait when there is already water damage in your home. 


Where there’s standing water there is usually mold. Standing water in gutters can cause mold to form inside the roof, attic and walls of your home. Again, call in a gutter cleaning service or budget for gutter repair to stop mold before it takes over.

Damage to wood

Standing water and mold caused by clogged or poorly installed gutters can do a number on your home’s wood siding, soffits and windows. It doesn’t take too much for wood to rot. Soffit repair may be one of the first things you should prepare for, given their often close proximity to gutters. 

Damage to basement

Pooled water that sits at the end of a poorly installed or placed gutter or downspout can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation. Look for water in your basement and cracks along the basement floor or walls. If you see any, be sure to have your gutters checked, cleaned or repaired. 

Ice dams

When gutters are clogged ice dams can form in cold weather, and you don’t want that! These dams can allow water into your home and insulation and lead to mold growth.  

Gutter Repair

Leaking, clogged or improperly installed gutters need to be fixed. They can’t be put on a “To Do Someday” list! You may be able to tackle this huge job yourself, but you’ll need two people and the right equipment to do it safely and adequately. 

It’s usually best to hire a professional company to do this job. Professionals know to fix leaking gutters and how to repair a poorly installed gutter. They’ll check the gutter pitch to make sure your gutters are positioned correctly. They’ll clean out your gutters thoroughly and assess any possible damage that you’ll need to repair. And, they can give you a cost for leaf filters and other types of gutter guards. 

You can’t put a price on peace of mind when it comes to your home or property!

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