How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost?

Installation Cost vs Savings Over Time

K-Guard signage outside of suburban homeK-Guard® ’s leaf-free gutter system is not only the most reliable way to protect your home and yard from water damage, but also the most cost-effective. The system comes with a lifetime guarantee built into the price, so you’ll never have to search for gutter solutions again. And with the built-in maintenance and preventative system, you’ll never have to get on a ladder to clean your gutters again, either. The K-Guard® gutter guards keep the debris out and the water moving so you don’t have to think twice about the safety and protection of your home or yard.

Convenience tends to come at a high price (and sometimes a low return), especially when it comes to home maintenance and repair. All homeowners want to protect their guttering systems from the negative effects of unwanted leaves, pine needles, and other debris in their gutters, but at what cost? The average cost for hiring professionals to clean your gutters is just under $200, and it’s recommended that you bring someone in at least three times a year. That adds up to about $600 per year on gutter cleaning alone. So why not eliminate those recurring costs completely by keeping your gutters clean from the start? K-Guard® will also send in an installation team so you don’t have to run the risk of serious injury, which could be the most expensive part of the process.

At a minimum, the K-Guard® system can efficiently handle 22 inches of rain per hour—a nearly unprecedented amount. How can it handle that much water, you ask? K-Guard® is a completely engineered, fully integrated, leaf-free system with strength, durability, capacity and attractiveness not found in other gutters and downspouts. Much of the K-Guard® system’s strength comes from its hidden patented hangers. The hangers are made from all-weather polymers and can withstand virtually any weather condition. The hangers are placed every two feet inside the gutter’s heavy-duty aluminum to support the trough and hood and make sure it doesn’t sag, dip, or fall off.

Distortion of the gutter can also be prevented by the 6-inches
wide measurement of the system, making it so all pieces of small debris and influx of water can make their way out of the gutter swiftly with no hold ups. Not only is the K-Guard® system effective, but it’s also very attractive. The smooth, sleek appearance of K-Guard® gutters only adds to the appearance of the house, rather than creating an eyesore. You can even select the ideal color for your K-Guard® system depending on the color of your house.

We’re thrilled to have the highest level of customer satisfaction than any gutter protection system manufacturer in the country, and we’re committed to maintaining our reputation for being the highest-quality, longest-lasting offering on the market.

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