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Eliminate Clogged Gutters

K-Guard team measuring a gutter before installationWhen leaves are carried through the air, they need a landing place, and unfortunately that landing place can be your gutters and downspouts. When these essential systems on your home become a collecting place for leaves and other debris, they can easily get backed up. When a clog like this occurs, the water that enters the gutter has nowhere to go and can also get backed up, which can lead to erosion of the soil, or even water damage to your home or property.

Downspouts are typically found close to the ground as an extension of the gutter system, and there is usually one downspout for every 40 feet of gutter. They’re composed of tubes that are curved outward, away from the house, typically made of the same material as the gutter. Their purpose is to release water that has come in from the gutter along the roof and down the sides of the house to protect the foundation of the home and the ground around it. Because the area around the downspout sees a heavy influx of water, a backsplash can be used to protect the home from damage and protect the soil from erosion. Homes may also have a more complex drainage system beneath the surface of the ground to transport the water that has traveled through the gutter.

Though homeowners know that gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance, the downspouts are often overlooked as part of the process. Forgetting to clear the downspout is a quick way to see overflowing water and corresponding damage to the ground beneath the gutter as well as the foundation and exterior of your home, which will show up in the form of peeling paint or dirty siding. You can check for clogged downspouts simply by tapping on the surface with a tool to see if it’s hollow. If it isn’t, your downspout is likely clogged and will need attention. One of the best ways to avoid these types of damage and fix leaking gutters is by installing gutter covers or shields, which are included in the K-Guard® system.

Gutter covers prevent water overflow or back up by protecting the gutter from flying debris, leaves, sticks, and other small airborne objects by fitting right on top of your gutter system. A sure way of avoiding an overflowing gutter or clogged downspout is to install these covers before any debris can get in. When installed properly, gutter covers can guarantee clean gutters and downspouts for seamless elimination of excess water.

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