Why You Should Choose K-Guard Gutters This Holiday Season

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In certain parts of the country, the holiday season brings winter weather. Although freshly fallen snow looks beautiful scattered on tree branches, these harsh conditions may cause major roof gutter problems. However, with the right system and proper gutter care, homeowners can celebrate without worries.

Common Winter Gutter Hazards-

The cold conditions often bring ice buildup, which prevents a home’s gutters from properly draining. This may cause melted snow and ice to overflow. It is quite common to see icicles hanging from rooftops. Although this looks pretty, it can leave behind serious damage that turns into expensive repairs.

An ice dam is another problem that can affect gutters. As snow piles up on the roof, it eventually melts. When temperatures drop below freezing, the water trickles down, collects, and refreezes. This can cause an ice dam, which interferes with a home’s drainage. Under severe circumstances, the water can seep into a roof and cause extreme damage to an attic.

The Benefits of K-Guard Gutters-

The design of K-Guard systems will alleviate the usual winter gutter problems. These units are constructed with strength and durability. No other system compares to the leaf-free design and attractiveness of K-Guard. The patented all-weather polymer material is extremely strong and keeps gutters from sagging or becoming malformed, especially when icy weather strikes. Also, the product’s lifespan is quite long. Thanks to the heavy-duty aluminum, homeowners never have to worry about corrosion. The gutter coatings will last two decades, and the unique hangers provide strength to withstand the most negative outdoor conditions. Clients love how well K-Guard systems complement all house styles. Each unit offers a smooth, curved, and streamlined appearance. Numerous color choices are available as well.

Other Helpful Tips-

Besides installing K-Guard, guttering professionals recommend other helpful tips so that winter problems can be avoided. For instance, gutters should be cleaned at the end of the fall season. Also, it is advised to remove excess snow from a roof before it begins to melt. This alleviates weight and keeps ice dams from forming.

To prevent clogged gutters and to retain peace of mind through the holiday season, consider a K-Guard Gutter Cover system. Visit a local dealer for more information.

Ladder Safety Tips For Winter

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Most property owners are concerned with ladder safety when completing home improvement projects or winterizing a dwelling. Although commonly used, ladders can cause a broad range of injuries if improperly handled or if the wrong ladder is used for a particular job. Ladder accidents are more common than you may realize, and for this reason you should follow the winter safety tips below when working on any type of ladder this season:

Choosing the Best Ladder – 

To avoid injury, always select the most appropriate ladder for the job. If you are unsure about which model is best, speak to a clerk at a hardware or home improvement store.

Ladder Safety Tips- 

Never attempt to exceed the ladder’s weight restriction. Most models have a load capacity telling you how much weight is appropriate. Exceeding this load can lead to accidents, as the ladder may give way, causing you to fall to the ground with no warning.

Included in some of the best ladder safety tips is something referred to as the “three point of contact climb.” When this technique is used, your chances of slipping or falling are significantly reduced. As you climb, descend or work, always make sure that at least three limbs at a time are in contact with the ladder. Taking both hands off the rails, even if you think you are standing firmly is always a mistake. Similarly, it is never wise to try to work with only one leg and one arm in contact with the ladder. If you must twist or reach to the point where you cannot keep three limbs in contact with the device, you need to reposition it entirely.

Do not jump or skip the last few steps when descending. Although it may seem like a short distance to the ground, homeowners are usually surprised to discover how many sprained ankles and other accidents result from this maneuver. Never stand on the paint shelf or highest rung, as these are the top injury-causing activities associated with ladders. Finally, do not use any ladder in rainy, windy or snowy conditions, as such weather creates the perfect environment for an injury. Ladder accidents are unfortunately somewhat common, but when the ladder safety tips outlined above are followed, your chances of such an incident are significantly reduced.

Gutter Cleaning: A Fall Necessity For Homeowners

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With the arrival of fall, many homeowners start looking around for tips on how to winterize their homes, but often forget items such as gutters. Gutters protect your home from leaves, dirt and other wet debris that collects on your roof. However, you may have fallen into the trap of overlooking gutter cleaning until a problem is underway. Fortunately, regular gutter maintenance will protect your roof against damage throughout the year. Below are some essential tips that will help make this task easier:

Safety Considerations:

When inspecting, do not lean your ladder against any part of the gutter. This is because gutters are typically made from plastic or thin gauge metal, which can be damaged significantly by the pressure of a ladder. Using an A-frame ladder to climb to the appropriate height is a better idea.

Cleaning Tips:

Before ascending the ladder, gather materials in a small pail or bag and carry them in such a way that you can still keep both hands on the ladder as you climb. Take a small plastic garbage bag, rubber gloves, and a two inch putty knife. With the plastic gloves on, pick up any twigs, leaves and piles of dirt you wish to dispose of and place them in the small garbage bag. The putty knife can be used to dislodge stubborn patches of dirt or decomposed leaves that have collected in specific areas. Clean each section and never reach beyond the point where you feel comfortable. Rather, climb down the ladder and reposition it for the next section.

When you are finished cleaning, rinse the area with a garden hose to remove tiny pieces of debris that you may have overlooked. After checking the gutters for cleanliness, tap in nails or tighten screws that may have become loose throughout the year.

If you discover that the downspout is completely plugged or slow to drain, give it a strong spray from your garden hose to push out any debris. However, if the downspout reaches directly into a drain, the connection should be undone first so that you do not inadvertently push debris into the drain and create another problem. Finally, if you complete an October inspection and discover roof problems or suspect that it is time for new gutters, be sure to get a gutter system with built-in gutter covers.

Enjoy Clog Free Gutters With K-Guard

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Keeping your gutters clean is essential to maintaining the integrity of your home’s structure and foundation. It can also be an exercise in frustration, as gutters tend to clog easily with debris, allowing water to back up and overflow. The best way to ensure that you enjoy a leaf free, clog free system is with K-Guard.

Strong and Durable:

When installing anything on the exterior of your home, you want to have confidence that it will be durable enough to hold up under all kinds of weather conditions and temperature changes. K-Guard provides strength and durability that are unmatched by any other leaf free gutter system on the market today. It is crafted out of heavy duty aluminum that won’t corrode. The hangers that the system is built around are made out of all-weather polymers. When installed, they are placed every 24 inches, supporting the hood, and ensuring that the gutter won’t sag or lose its form.

You can expect to have your K-Guard system in place and working well for many years to come, as the lifespan is almost unlimited. The gutter and the hood are coated with a durable material that can last more than 20 years, even in inclement weather conditions. Rain, snow, wind, cold, and heat are no match for the leaf-free gutter system.

Greater Capacity:

The K-Guard gutters are 5 inches wide, which allows them to drain far more water than other systems. Most other gutter protection systems on the market today are made for 3 and 4 inch gutters. Any debris that does get caught up in the gutter will flush right out, since the system works just as well with 3×4 inch downspouts.

Don’t Compromise on Curb Appeal:

While it may seem like a minor detail, the appearance of your gutters does have an impact on the overall look and curb appeal of your home. K-Guard offers a smooth face, so it almost resembles crown molding. The gutter and the hood are the same color and made out of the same material, so they match perfectly. You don’t have to worry about the system sticking out and looking ugly or out of place along the roof line. It’s the most effective, attractive clog free gutter solution.

Top Tips to Market K-Guard Gutters

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Climbing up a ladder to clean clogged gutters is perhaps every homeowner’s nightmare. What they want instead is a simple, clog-free solution that saves them both time and effort. With K-Guard Gutters, it’s possible to meet consumers’ needs for a hassle-free experience.

As a marketer, your challenge is to find the best ways to market gutters to your customers. Here are some useful consumer tips for you.

Listen to What the Customer Wants.

Listening to customers’ needs is the first step in fixing their concerns. The trick is to let the customers tell you what they want, instead of you going by your hunch and past experiences. Listen keenly to what they are looking for and give them the opportunity to share their problems with you.

Focus on How the Product Can Solve Your Customer’s Problems.

A customer is always interested in a solution that can make his or her life easier. They appreciate it when a marketer tells them what’s in it for them when choosing a particular product. Therefore, smart marketers make sure to highlight the benefits that the solution provides to their target audience. For example, instead of highlighting how beautiful the K-Guard gutters are to your customer, you could point out how well they complement the aesthetics of their home.

Share Testimonials.

Positive endorsements from happy customers always work when marketers are trying to pitch a product to new prospects. Customer testimonials build trust and inspire others to believe in you and the products you are trying to sell. Therefore, it is advisable to ask happy customers to share their experiences. They could post a message on your company’s Facebook page or simply tweet about it on a B2B or B2C forum.

Give Customers Reasons to Choose K-Guard Gutters Over Others.

For a customer, finding tangible differences between two similar products is a huge challenge. You should make life easier for them by giving them concrete reasons and evidence to support their decision to buy K-Guard Gutters. Highlight differentiating factors, such as the width of K-Guard Gutters that allows for more water to drain out, is important.

Prepare well before you meet a customer to ensure you tell them why K-Guard Gutters are the best option for them.

Essential Ladder Safety Tips

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When your house gutters become blocked with leaves and other debris, it is necessary to clean them. This often means climbing a ladder to reach your roof. It is important to follow some safety tips to avoid dangerous falls.

Have a Spotter. Anytime you climb a ladder, it is essential to have a spotter on the ground. This person will help brace the ladder so that it is secure. It is extremely common for ladders to kick away or slip at the bottom. When this occurs, you may experience a terrible injury.

Do Not Overreach. Most ladders are heavy and hard to control. It is often tempting to reach out as far as you can to avoid moving this clunky piece of equipment. However, you should not lean, overreach, or try to move the ladder while you are standing on it. It is essential to climb down and manually move the ladder to where it is needed.

Wear Proper Footwear. When you clean your gutters, it will be necessary to frequently move up and down your ladder. This means it is important to wear the correct type of shoes with rubber soles. The rubber provides adequate traction so that you do not slip and fall.

Inspect the Ladder. One of the best tips for ladder safety is to examine the tool before climbing up. You should look for cracks or loose hardware that my cause the ladder to break. Also, it is important to take note of the maximum capacity so that it does not collapse.

Use Proper Tools. When considering ladder tips, it is important to include the need for proper tools. For example, when cleaning your gutters, you should have a broom, vacuum, and flusher handy. It is also important to be connected to a harness, especially when scaling a two-story home. It is essential to use the correct ladder as well. It is never wise to place a stepladder on the roof. An extension ladder is the best tool for tall structures.

To avoid the need to use a ladder and risk injury cleaning your gutters, you may wish to consider our K-Guard System. Our product is unlike anything on the market and provides strength, durability, and attractiveness to your home. Our patented system covers your gutters and keeps leaves and debris from causing clogs. For more information, visit our website.

How To: Fix Gutters And Downspouts

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Damaged rain gutters and downspouts should be fixed right away to prevent damage to your roof, as well as to your home’s foundation. It’s also important for ensuring that the landscaping on your property is protected, since rain and snow runoff can end up pooling in these areas if the gutters are not functioning properly. Here are some helpful gutter tips on how to fix rain gutters and downspouts:

Identify the Damage:

Your drainage system should not be seen as a minor element, because it actually plays an essential role in maintaining your property. If you see an area with damage, take the time to inspect the rest of the length of the gutter to see if there are any other spots in need of repair. Common issues to be on the lookout for are leaking, runoff pooling around the home, or sagging gutters.

Fixing a Leak:

If you have a leaking gutter, the problem is usually situated at one of the joints. This is where two sections of the gutter meet, and they may have separated and come apart. Check out the rest of the gutter to see if debris has built up, or if there is standing water stuck in it. Be sure to remove any debris and drain the water before you begin repairs.

Use a silicone sealant to seal the joints where they meet, both along the inside and the outside. Once it has fully dried, you shouldn’t have a leak. It’s important to use the sealant on a dry weather day.

Patching a Hole:

If there’s a visible hole in the gutter, you can simply use roofing cement to fill it in. Allow it to dry completely, and then test to ensure that no water is dripping through. You can patch larger holes with a sheet metal patch and roofing cement.

Repairing the Downspout:

If your downspout has come loose, you want to get it put back together as soon as possible. Check to ensure that no debris has built up inside of it. Debris build up is usually the reason why the spout becomes detached. Use galvanized sheet metal screws to reattach.

Gutters and downspouts certainly aren’t the most noticeable or exciting element of your home’s exterior, but they are extremely important. Make sure to repair any issues quickly to prevent costly damage to your property.

How To: Keep Your Gutters Clean

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Keeping your home in good repair is one of the biggest responsibilities that a homeowner has. Sometimes, that job means paying attention to the parts of your home that aren’t always obvious. For many, one of the most ignored parts of home maintenance is the gutter cleaning. Not only is it usually tough to get done, but it’s a long process – one that leads many to ignore it until damage occurs. Fortunately, you can follow basic gutter cleaning tips to make sure that you never have to worry about the consequences of full gutters ever again.

One of the easiest tips for keeping your gutters clean is to make sure to do your gutter maintenance on a regular basis. It might sound silly, but you can keep the job to a reasonable amount of time if you just go out and clear your gutters once a week instead of once every few months. Always pay attention to your gutters to figure out a reasonable time frame – you might get away with cleaning once a month in the summer, but you will want to clean far more often in the fall. A little bit of preventative work can make a huge difference in your workload.

If you really want to avoid cleaning your gutters, the most important thing that you can do is to invest in a gutter guard or other gutter maintenance system. These systems keep the larger debris that tends to clog up gutters from falling in, while still allowing water to run off your roof. You will still have to clean out your gutters from time to time, but you shouldn’t have to worry about doing so quite as often as with a more traditional set-up. If you investigate your options, you’ll find a great system that fits your needs.

Cleaning your gutters is a necessary evil, but you can make it easier on yourself. Make sure to clean frequently, and to invest in a good leaf-free system to keep your gutters in good operating condition. If you can get that done, you can rest easier knowing that one part of your home maintenance is well in hand.

How To Find The Right Contractor

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There are many different home maintenance jobs that need to be taken care of throughout the year. Sometimes these tasks can be carried out by a handy homeowner, but in many cases, it’s best to call in the professionals.  Here are some helpful tips on how to find the right contractors for your home:

Trustworthy and Experienced

Any time that you’re hiring a service for work around the home, you want to be sure that you can trust the company. If their work is not conducted professionally or properly, it could lead to very costly damage in the long term. Ultimately you could be stuck with the bill for fixing the damage that results from shoddy work. Choose a contractor that has years of experience and a positive reputation. Read reviews from other customers, ask for recommendations, and make sure that you feel comfortable with them.

Make Sure They’re Insured

Ask the contractor if they are fully insured. You want to hire an insured contractor to protect yourself and your property, because gutter cleaning and maintenance can be a difficult and dangerous job. It requires the use of a ladder and other equipment that could pose a danger if not used properly and safely. Always hire companies that are able to show you proof of their updated insurance. If they aren’t insured, then you need to steer clear.

You Have Questions, They Have Answers

When seeking a contractor to work with, you want to choose someone who is knowledgeable and skilled. You should feel comfortable asking them any questions that you may have regarding the work to be done, the pricing, and any details about their service. They should be able to answer those questions and concerns to your satisfaction, and should also be happy to do so.

It can be difficult to find contractors that you want to work with, especially if you have no experience in hiring someone. However, following these tips should help you to find a trustworthy service that you can call on for years to come.

Choosing The Best Gutter System

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For homeowners, cleaning out the gutters can be a difficult and potentially dangerous job. Gutters need to be maintained regularly in order to function properly, keeping the home clean and safe from water damage. Gutter covers are designed to keep leaves, sticks, and other debris out, thus allowing the rainwater to flow through easily, as well as making it much easier to maintain them throughout each season. However, not all gutter covers are made the same. Here’s how to choose a good one for your home:


The material that the cover is made out of should be durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. After all, you expect a product that is going to keep the gutters clean and clear, so they have to be able to stand up to moisture, wind, and heat. Durability is essential. K-Guard Gutters are the most durable gutters you can buy!


A company that believes in the quality of their product will typically offer their customers a guarantee on the lifespan of the product. Make sure you look in to the company providing the gutter covers to ensure that they have a good reputation. If they offer a guarantee with regards to the product itself and/or the installation, then you can have confidence that they stand by the quality of their gutter covers.


Some gutter covers are more visible from the ground level than others. This could have an unsightly effect on the appearance of the home’s exterior. The design of some covers can also result in the buildup of unsightly mildew and residue left behind from rainwater.

When your gutters aren’t serving their purpose because they’re clogged with leaves and debris, your home can suffer costly damage to the roof, foundation, and more. It’s important to choose durable, high quality gutter covers to keep your property protected. Once correctly installed, they should last and remain effective for quite some time with little upkeep required.