How To: Fix Gutters And Downspouts

By June 4, 2015 No Comments


Damaged rain gutters and downspouts should be fixed right away to prevent damage to your roof, as well as to your home’s foundation. It’s also important for ensuring that the landscaping on your property is protected, since rain and snow runoff can end up pooling in these areas if the gutters are not functioning properly. Here are some helpful gutter tips on how to fix rain gutters and downspouts:

Identify the Damage:

Your drainage system should not be seen as a minor element, because it actually plays an essential role in maintaining your property. If you see an area with damage, take the time to inspect the rest of the length of the gutter to see if there are any other spots in need of repair. Common issues to be on the lookout for are leaking, runoff pooling around the home, or sagging gutters.

Fixing a Leak:

If you have a leaking gutter, the problem is usually situated at one of the joints. This is where two sections of the gutter meet, and they may have separated and come apart. Check out the rest of the gutter to see if debris has built up, or if there is standing water stuck in it. Be sure to remove any debris and drain the water before you begin repairs.

Use a silicone sealant to seal the joints where they meet, both along the inside and the outside. Once it has fully dried, you shouldn’t have a leak. It’s important to use the sealant on a dry weather day.

Patching a Hole:

If there’s a visible hole in the gutter, you can simply use roofing cement to fill it in. Allow it to dry completely, and then test to ensure that no water is dripping through. You can patch larger holes with a sheet metal patch and roofing cement.

Repairing the Downspout:

If your downspout has come loose, you want to get it put back together as soon as possible. Check to ensure that no debris has built up inside of it. Debris build up is usually the reason why the spout becomes detached. Use galvanized sheet metal screws to reattach.

Gutters and downspouts certainly aren’t the most noticeable or exciting element of your home’s exterior, but they are extremely important. Make sure to repair any issues quickly to prevent costly damage to your property.