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Ladder Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

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holiday decorating safetyWhen the holiday season approaches, people start their outdoor decorating. Lights fill the decor of many homes. If you hang lights from your roof or gutters, you probably need to use a ladder, which could be a dangerous activity. Here are some ladder safety tips that will keep you from becoming injured while decorating for the holidays.

  1. Check the Weather. Before you go outside and hang holiday lights, you should check your local weather report. If it is very windy, you may lose your balance at the top of the ladder. Also, rainy or snowy conditions can make its rungs slippery. It is best to climb a ladder on a sunny and calm day.
  2. Inspect Your Equipment. Most homeowners only rarely use ladders, and may only bring them out during this time of year. Before climbing, it is wise to inspect this piece of equipment to make sure it is safe.
  3. Choose the Right Size. Depending on your needs, you should choose a ladder that is the appropriate size. If you need to reach your rooftop, you will need a long ladder. It is advised to use one that extends at least three feet more than the desired height so it provides additional stability.
  4. Do Not Over-Reach. When you are on a ladder hanging lights and other decorations, you may find the need to stretch to reach a hook or far away spot. However, over-reaching can make the ladder kick out from under your body. This can cause serious injury. It is best to move the ladder to the area where you need it rather than reaching.
  5. Inform Your Family What You are Doing. If you are outside with the holiday lights, you need to make others aware that you are on the ladder. This is especially important if you are working near a door that may open and cause the equipment to topple over.
  6. Stay Away from the Eggnog. You should never climb a ladder while you are intoxicated. Your balance and judgment may not function properly.

Many people hang holiday lights from their gutters. When spring rains arrive, you may be reaching for your ladder again. Cleaning these same gutters can be a tedious task. For more information about the convenience of the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System, contact us today.

Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights

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white lights on brick homeWhen it is the holiday season, it is customary to think of hanging lights both inside and outside the home. Holiday lights make a statement of your happiness and cheer to bring in the festive season.

Where to Hang Holiday Lights

Holiday lights or outdoor lights can be strung up on trees, bushes and also along the roof of the home or over it.It can be most effective if you decide on a focal point for your hanging lights. They can be along the roof lines or eaves, around pillars, posts, or along deck railings, inside windows and planters and all along your driveway and pathways. Space your lights so that they are at least one and a half feet apart.

Safety First

Safety requires being given a lot of consideration when you are putting up outdoor lights, as electricity can be a killer if it is carelessly used. You also need to make sure that any particular circuit that you are using is not overloaded, as this can lead to blown fuses, that can leave your home in darkness. Use LED lights as these can save you money in electricity bills. You can have holiday lights of different colors, which go to make for a festive air, and if you can install a system where the lights are blinking, it can add to the beauty of your hanging lights.

Make sure that you use the right clips and other fasteners, especially when you are putting them up on a roof or the eaves. Do not use things like clothespins or staples and instead go in for light clips that will not add much to your budget. The wire used must be lengths that are not frayed or have breaks. This is especially important if you are reusing wires from the previous season’s lights. Take the right safety precautions when you are installing the hanging lights at heights, and make sure that you test all the lights before you put away all your gear.

Why You Should Choose K-Guard Gutters This Holiday Season

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gutter covers by kguard

In certain parts of the country, the holiday season brings winter weather. Although freshly fallen snow looks beautiful scattered on tree branches, these harsh conditions may cause major roof gutter problems. However, with the right system and proper gutter care, homeowners can celebrate without worries.

Common Winter Gutter Hazards-

The cold conditions often bring ice buildup, which prevents a home’s gutters from properly draining. This may cause melted snow and ice to overflow. It is quite common to see icicles hanging from rooftops. Although this looks pretty, it can leave behind serious damage that turns into expensive repairs.

An ice dam is another problem that can affect gutters. As snow piles up on the roof, it eventually melts. When temperatures drop below freezing, the water trickles down, collects, and refreezes. This can cause an ice dam, which interferes with a home’s drainage. Under severe circumstances, the water can seep into a roof and cause extreme damage to an attic.

The Benefits of K-Guard Gutters-

The design of K-Guard systems will alleviate the usual winter gutter problems. These units are constructed with strength and durability. No other system compares to the leaf-free design and attractiveness of K-Guard. The patented all-weather polymer material is extremely strong and keeps gutters from sagging or becoming malformed, especially when icy weather strikes. Also, the product’s lifespan is quite long. Thanks to the heavy-duty aluminum, homeowners never have to worry about corrosion. The gutter coatings will last two decades, and the unique hangers provide strength to withstand the most negative outdoor conditions. Clients love how well K-Guard systems complement all house styles. Each unit offers a smooth, curved, and streamlined appearance. Numerous color choices are available as well.

Other Helpful Tips-

Besides installing K-Guard, guttering professionals recommend other helpful tips so that winter problems can be avoided. For instance, gutters should be cleaned at the end of the fall season. Also, it is advised to remove excess snow from a roof before it begins to melt. This alleviates weight and keeps ice dams from forming.

To prevent clogged gutters and to retain peace of mind through the holiday season, consider a K-Guard Gutter Cover system. Visit a local dealer for more information.