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A New Year, A New Gutter System

By January 10, 2020 No Comments

new gutterAs we celebrate the holidays and move into a new year, we can’t help but be retrospective and hopeful about the future. The winter skies hang close over us while we nestle comfortably in our homes. As you consider what resolutions to make that will make your life better and more secure, you need only look out the frost-covered window to the gutters that line your roof! How does a new gutter system sound for the new year?

One resolution that is guaranteed to add to your safety, financial well-being and value of your home is to upgrade to a K-Guard new gutter system.

Why should I make installing a K-Guard new gutter system my New Year’s Resolution?

The answer to this question is simple – installing a new gutter system helps you protect your family as well as your home, your largest financial investment. K-Guard gutter systems are versatile and customizable to every home, and their unique design will save you hours and hours of time and manual labor for many years into the future.

Not many New Year’s resolutions can check off two boxes – increasing the value of your home while at the same time increasing your safety. 

Often overlooked, gutters are a critical component of any building. By collecting the rain and runoff water and moving it away from your house, gutters prevent pooling and flooding that can cause significant structural damage. Regular gutters are effective at moving water away from your house, but as anyone who has climbed a ladder onto their roof knows, they are extremely prone to clogging and flooding. 

Safely cleaning clogged gutters is a difficult task – either shuffling along your roofline or constantly climbing up and down and moving your ladder. Why not make a resolution to install new gutters that both increase your safety and protect your house?

K-Guard’s patented gutter technology is designed to prevent the clogging and flooding that plagues standard gutters. Their specially designed covers allow water to move freely away from your house while preventing sticks, debris and leaves from blocking the flow. Your gutters don’t have to work overtime trying to keep your house dry, and you won’t have to spend tons of time dangerously removing those thick clumps of debris we all dread to see!

How do K-Guard gutter systems save me money?

Likely one of your other New Year’s resolutions is to spend more time with your family or to do fun things with the people you care about. Imagine not having to spend hours on your roof or climbing up and down and moving ladders in order to clean out your clogged gutters? Or how much do third parties charge in order to handle the task for you? Your time is valuable, and whether you tackle the task yourself or pay someone else to do it for you, cleaning out your gutters is a time and money black hole.

Installing new K-Guard gutters will give you back the time you would have spent manually cleaning out your gutters, but by doing a better job than a standard gutter at moving water away from your house, they also potentially prevent thousands of dollars of damage from occurring! Your foundation will remain intact, your paint and siding will remain pristine, and your wooden frames won’t rot. 

A new gutter system that is as effective as the K-Guard system will reduce the frequency that you need to paint your house and protect the structure. And, if you are planning to sell your property, K-Guard gutter systems make a fantastic selling point for home inspectors and buyers.

Any one of these is reason enough to install new gutters this year, and all of them together show why those gutters should be K-Guard gutters!

new gutter systemHow will a K-Guard gutter system improve my safety and the safety of my home?

It’s a fact that over 500,000 people in the United States every year have ladder-related accidents. Constantly climbing up and down and moving your ladder to reach all the clogged parts of your gutter is dangerous. Falling off your ladder or your roof can result in painful injuries that take you away from work and off your feet for weeks or even months.

Why not make a resolution to keep yourself safe and healthy?! Not only does installing a new K-Guard Gutter System save you time and money, but it will also protect your safety, something no number can adequately quantify.

What makes a K-Guard gutter system the right investment?

There are many reasons to choose K-Guard for your new gutters. Just ask our previous clients! Our great product, fantastic customer service and quality installation are the reasons we get great reviews. 

While we provide amazing customer service and our professional installers are the best in the business, we couldn’t do it without having a great product. The award-winning K-Guard system has been installed and tested for years and refined and improved over time. 

Give us a call and join the ranks of our satisfied customers! Make a New Year’s resolution that increases your safety, saves you money and protects your most valuable investment — your home. Make the easiest choice you’ll make all year by contacting us today! Give us a call at (614) 568-7777.